A Message from the President 

                                                                            Stephen E. Kohn, LCSW

Dear Colleague:

Health & EAP Resources, Inc. was founded on an important principle of organizational behavior -  that problems within and between people at work can detract from a business’s productivity and marketplace success. The integrated problem-solving strategies we provide allow our client organizations to remain highly focused on achieving their immediate and long-term goals. 

The reality of the modern workplace is that it is often stressful, and there are likely to be changes, transitions, and occasional critical events at work with which to cope.  Also, personal issues or problems outside work are not “left at the door” of your workplace.  Our firm’s consultants create solutions to both employee and workplace problems.  That kind of service is needed now more than ever.

Our real strength lies in our interest and ability to customize consulting services to an organization’s specific needs.   We assess problems carefully and are resourceful in our solutions.

Please review the descriptions of our range of services.  Our sincere desire is to make a contribution to the success of your enterprise.


Yours truly,


Stephen E. Kohn, LCSW



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