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Customized Employee Assistance and Work/Life Programs  

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) product can be customized to the needs of any workplace setting.  We specialize in an open-ended level of service delivery, based on the needs of the individuals seeking assistance.  We prefer this model because it allows our consultants to conduct comprehensive evaluations that are not constrained by artificial visit limits.  We also perform extensive follow-up and case management, to assure that problems are being addressed and resolved. 

We specialize in management consultations on incidents of impaired or deteriorating job performance.  We work closely with direct supervisors and human resources staff to develop a plan for constructive interventions, as necessary.

Our EAP services enjoy some of the highest levels of utilization in the industry.  We attribute this success in program use to the level of trust we develop with the organization’s workforce and management staff. 

Our Work/Life Program  combines the EAP with specialized information and assistance with:

  • child care

  • parenting

  • college financing and admissions

  • legal problems

  • eldercare

  • financial problems or financial planning needs

  • other "work/life" issues



  Disability Management Services

It is documented that 80% of disability cases involve either a primary or secondary behavioral health disorder. Health & EAP Resources, Inc. can effectively manage disability cases that involve behavioral health disorders.  Our services help control the incidence, duration and costs associated with behavioral health-related disability claims.  Through an integrated case management approach, we help implement back-to-work plans that are appropriate and maximize the use of all available resources.


  • Reviewing cause for disability and current treatment plans

  • Recommending disability duration

  • Negotiating recommendations with employee and providers

  • Coordinating care amongst providers

  • Developing ADA-compliant back-to-work accommodations

  • Maximizing communication between employer, supervisor and employee about work expectations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Collaborative case management process providers and with insurance carrier

  • Reduced duration of short term disability and less frequent incidence of cases transferring to long term disability

  • Large return on investment in this service

  •  Integration with EAP services

Management of Organizational Transition and Change

Organizations, like individuals, can manifest problematic behaviors when experiencing a major transition or structural change.  These transitions may include:

  • major layoffs or reductions in force

  • pending external acquisitions or mergers

  • sudden losses of co -workers or supervisory staff

  • sudden increases in workloads or tighter deadlines

Our staff provide on-site consulting services to management and to the staff affected by these transitions.  These services may be provided in special group sessions, corporate or departmental retreats, as part of an overall outplacement effort, or in a number of other customized forums.  In facilitating the transition/change process, our consulting team helps the organization overcome common resistance to accepting the realities of new circumstances, so that new structures can gradually gain acceptance.




Our staff provide on-site consulting services to management and to the staff affected by troublesome or disruptive organizational transitions.  These services may be provided in:

  • special group sessions

  • corporate or departmental retreats

  • an overall outplacement effort

  • a number of other customized forums. 

We also provide proactive consulting input to management on ideal means and timing for informing workforces of impending transitions.



In facilitating the transition/change process, our consulting team helps the organization overcome common resistance to accepting the realities of new circumstances, so that new structures can gradually gain acceptance.  The result is a more expedient return to optimal productivity within the organization.


  Crisis Response 

No organization or workplace is immune from the occurrence of “critical incidents” or crises. These occurrences can include:

  •  the sudden illness, suicide or untimely death of a co-worker 

  • other incidents that leave the workforce in a state of grief or shock

  •  major accidents involving injuries or deaths at work

  • traumatic incidents involving criminal behavioral, such as robberies, assaults or murders

 When these critical incidents occur, it is important for the organization to provide a rapid response in the form of Critical Incident Stress Debriefings.  This service helps to avoid the state of inertia that result from such incidents.  It allows employees the opportunity to express their feelings about the incident and the aftermath.  Trained industrial social workers help employees begin to heal and move forward with their work and lives. 

Often, these services are followed by additional emotional support available through the firm’s EAP.


  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Crisis counseling

  • Grief counseling

  • Case management

  • Referral to EAP for ongoing support and assistance


Specialized Training  

The well-managed organization has a training plan that has the goal of improving the knowledge base and skill sets of the human resources within the firm.  Health & EAP Resources, Inc. contributes to management development training and to health-promoting workshops for all employees.

 Some of the training we have provided to corporate clients include:

Leadership Training

  • Preventing and managing incidents involving threats of violence
  • Listening Skills
  • Human relations skills
  • Leading effective meetings

Health Promotion Workshops

  • Stress Management
  • Parenting skills
  • Caring for older parents
  • Understanding depression
  • Preventing and alleviating job "burnout"

We can develop a range of training sessions based on an organization’s needs.


Management/Executive Coaching

Our consultants are experienced in working closely with senior executives charged with broad responsibilities for organizational performance.  We help supervisors understand their leadership style and how it affects the morale and behavior of their subordinates.  We emphasize effective listening and communication strategies.  This is a very valuable resource to proactive organizations. It can contribute to effective management development planning and employee retention strategies.


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