Employee Assistance Program



Lending a Helping Hand with....


Marital/relationship difficulties   -   Depression  -

Stress   -   Psychological/psychiatric disorders -

Alcohol/drug abuse    -    Family issues   -    Child rearing

Gambling  -    Legal   -   Financial  -

Workplace conflicts



Warner Chilcott has contracted with Health & EAP Resources, Inc. to provide you and your family with an important and valuable benefit.  The benefit is called an Employee Assistance Program.  This Program offers a wide range of information and services that can be accessed easily and confidentially, simply by calling a toll-free telephone number.  Our helpful counseling staff will listen to you carefully, evaluate the nature of the problem and help get you the help you may need.


The purpose of the Program is to help people address and overcome problems associated with raising a family, coping with other relationship issues, staying emotionally and physically healthy and being as productive at work as possible.

Why does Warner Chilcott offer an Employee Assistance Program?

We  understand that our employees and their loved ones may need help from time to time with the challenges that life presents.  We all experience personal issues and problems in the course of our lives.  Some of us can solve problems on our own;  some of us cannot.  For those problems we cannot resolve on our own, outside assistance can make a world of difference.  Making specialized counseling resources available through an EAP can help organizations maintain a healthier and more productive workforce.


 The EAP is a free, confidential service that employees can contact for help in overcoming a range of personal problems.  EAP counselors are mental health professionals specially trained to help people resolve emotional, family, alcohol/drug and other behavioral health problems.  They also can help with a range of other personal problems including legal, financial and work stressors.


How does the EAP assure confidentiality?

All calls to the EAP are confidential.  All information that you share with counselors is also confidential and, by law, cannot be divulged to employers or other parties without your consent.  Individual meetings with counselors take place in off-site offices in the community.  Employers receive only summary information about the number of calls and visits to the Program that took place.  Individual names are never disclosed in these reports.  Every effort is taken to assure beneficiaries that their confidentiality is assured.



Your toll-free EAP helpline is 1-800-943-7090.  You  may call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You will be connected to a helpful counselor who will discuss a problem-solving plan with you.


About Health & EAP Resources, Inc.

A national EAP firm, Health & EAP Resources, Inc. specializes in providing state-of-the-art EAP programs.  Our counselors are professionals highly experienced in helping people with a range of personal problems.  Through affiliations with local counselors, Health & EAP Resources, Inc. can assure that help is accessible in your community and only a phone call away.