What Sets Health & EAP Resources, Inc. Apart


There are many types and sizes of firms providing counseling assistance to employees and employers. Some are extremely large firms specializing primarily in managed behavioral health care. Their counseling services are often provided by contracted network clinicians not employed by the firm. Account managers in remote corporate offices often provide assistance to an organization’s management. At these firms, truly customized approaches to unique client circumstances are rare.



At Health & EAP Resources, Inc., we take a different approach.

  • Our expertise is in providing help in the workplace environment.

  • We take the time to learn about our client’s corporate culture.

  • We prefer on-site, in-person services whenever appropriate.

  • Our client list is a select group of organizations — typically smaller in size (100 - 1,000 employees) — that value the mutual problem-solving partnership that develops with our senior consultants.

In short, the difference in the way we deliver services is our focus on integrating our programs into the over-all human resources management processes and day-to-day operations of the client organization.


Our results are impressive:

To be successful, EAPs and Work/Life Programs must be well utilized. Consistently, we achieve the highest levels of program utilization in the industry. We attribute this to our responsiveness, to the trust that develops in our services, and to the attention we pay to clients’ specific needs.




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