Who We Are

Health & EAP Resources, Inc. is a professional services firm dedicated to providing human resources management consulting and training services for a progressive corporate clientele.

Primarily, our consultants are highly-experienced industrial social workers. Social work is a profession that provides moral, practical, and passionate leadership in helping people or groups of people confront and resolve their personal dilemmas. The work includes the assessment of their needs and the procurement of resources, services, and support systems. Social workers also assist with efforts to prevent problems from occurring.  Industrial social workers apply these skills and services to individuals in the work setting, and to the group of individuals who work together, i.e., the organization itself.

We staff all engagements with senior level professionals. Our consultants have decades of meaningful experience in resolving a variety of personal and workplace problems in corporate settings.  This allows our firm to be responsive to all types of situations and unique circumstances that require our assistance.


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