Work/Life Program 

Employers have discovered that it makes good business sense to promote resources that help balance the demands that employees experience in their work and family lives. To assist in this effort, Health & EAP Resources, Inc. has developed a Work/Life Program that allows employees to gain prompt access to up-to-date information about pre-screened help available in the community.

Our Work/Life Program can provide information and referral about:

Child care

  • Emergency child care resources
  • Ongoing child care resources
  • Pre-school placement

Elder care

  • Home care for elderly parent
  • Nursing home and assisted living placement
  • Community-based nutrition programs


  • Preparing for birth of new child
  • New parenting skills
  • Coping with adolescent children
  • College selection and admission


  • Consumer credit counseling
  • Developing personal financial plan
  • College financing preparedness and options


  • Wills and estate planning
  • Lawyer referral service and pre-paid legal program


            Both EAP and Work/Life Program services are accessed through a single, toll-free number  1-800-943-7090.

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